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Saddle Mountain Wireless is a locally owned and operated company out of Mattawa Washington.  We strive to provide high-speed internet access to all areas of the Columbia Basin.  We pride ourselves on our ability to serve all of those in our rural community with high quality internet service.

Saddle Mountain Wireless News

July 26, 2017

Dear Saddle Mountain Wireless User,
Many of our users recently received the following dangerous email email message from a third party.

Dear Smwireless User,
Due to congestion in our mail server, all unverified accounts would be shut down so to verify this account ( is active, complete the email verification below.
Please, click Reply before filling info.
*Full Name:
*Email Address:
*Reconfirm Password:
The Smwireless account team
This is a fake email sent in an attempt to get your email address and password. This practice is called phishing (
In order to keep your email account safe please do not reply to the message.
We will never ask for any password or information via email. Email is not a secure enough system for doing so. We also post our mass email announcements on our website for verification.
If you have recently replied or sent someone your password via email please call us at (509) 932-5088 and we will help to secure your email account.
If you ever suspect any email or have any questions you may contact our office and our technicians can verify an email or help you out.
Thank you,
SMWireless Staff
Saddle Mountain Wireless, Inc.
(509) 932-5088

October 21, 2015

We have moved from our office at the Ken's Korner Laundromat in Mattawa to the old Rose's Java and liquor store below the roundabout in Mattawa. To pay your bill in our office or to come by and see us please come to our new address as displayed below:

23937 Road T.1 SW
Mattawa, WA 99349