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Dependable HighSpeed Internet

Fiber Internet

$44.95* per/mo

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Grant PUD's High Speed Network is the fastest Internet connection in the United States, according to a recent survey. The network provides the backbone for blazing fast Internet-based communications, provided to you by Saddle Mountain Wireless.

How does Fiber Optics work?

Thin transparent fibers of glass are used to transmit data in the form of light, virtually eliminating the usage of copper wires in long distance telephone lines.

What equipment is necessary?

Cat-5 cable ran to the home.  A wireless router/computer with network card.

Once I sign up for service, what happens next?

Upon receiving application, GCPUD crews install a gateway box near your power meter.  Once  your gateway is installed, SMW installers then run cat-5 cabling into your home, and a wireless router or computer can then be connected to the internet through the fiber network.

* Residential connections.